Invisible Oceans

Stories and poems from our clients


Invisible Oceans is our space dedicated to the many voices of our clients. We invite clients past and present to contribute a piece of their experience of working through trauma and dissociation. We want to offer encouragement and knowledge that you can get through to a better place. And we also want to acknowledge the pain, the weight, and the burdens that come before recovery, as well as the unexpected weight, pains, and burdens that come with it and after it.

Fundamentally, we hope these pieces touch you in way that says, "you are not alone".

Each piece is written by a current or former client of mine. It's been my privilege to witness some part of your journey and I cannot tell you just how much it has meant to me.

Invisible Oceans was inspired by the first piece in this collection....

It's easy to feel lost, alone, and drowning in an ocean nobody else can see.

Caleidoscope's Pain

It was a piece within a piece - a small blurb inside a longer, rambling journal. But it was the kind of ramble that sticks out: an emerging lilting style, distinct and poetic, that pours out heart and soul into describing the indescribable. There's a flow between torment and grace; a call-and-answer gently woven underneath the words, bringing an overlap of Inside to Outside and back again.

We can identify this particular dance down to one specific partner - an absolute mystery of an essence with the name Caleidoscope. She is part of a Trio we ended up referring to as The 3 C's. Creative, i know.

Caleidoscope is a Queen, a Witch, a Mystery made of ice and snow - prismatic, great, terrible, and merciful. She's the one who first spoke about a wall, or a tower, that is constructed from ice blocks - and within each ice block is a tiny child part, tucked in safe, warm, and frozen in their Mercy Sleep. These tiny, fragmented parts are kept asleep because their dreams are an escape from their reality; their experiences, their memories are too overwhelming to function with. To have these critically wounded and extremely unstable parts awake and active would be too destabilizing and dangerous for the system as a whole - and so they slumber, and with them their memories. i don't know what their dreams are, but they sleep, so we can Live. And so, we Live for them.

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Peace is the Color Green

Peace is the Color Green

Spindly azure cosmic tongues in a circle 

licking lacquer from floating resilience.  

Deflated lungs spinning static spiderwebs of envy 

which dust her forehead and transform into pure devotion.

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