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About Me


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Washington State License: LH 60241738) with a Masters of Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. I have been practicing for nine years. I became a therapist because I want my work to be something that helps me and others live happier, more fulfilling lives. I work with adults, teenagers and couples.

Having dealt with a severe inner critic much of my life I am dedicated to helping others deal effectively with the same. Helping others free themselves from misplaced guilt and punishing toxic shame is my passion. Many people enjoy positive feelings about themselves. I wish this for all.

I worked as a project, program and line manager in the corporate world for twenty plus years. That ended in 2006 when I realized I needed a change to something more relevant to people's lives and relationships. I am married for the second time. We recently celebrated thirty four years together. I love dogs and most cats. I bike, hike and cook. Should we ever work together you will for sure leave knowing six or more types of pasta! I love olive oil, garlic, onions and tomatoes, though not necessarily in that order.

Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

— George Bernard Shaw



I work with individuals from all backgrounds and with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, childhood trauma, grief and loss, as well as life transitions and personal growth. I use an integrated approach that is always tailored to your unique situation and needs. I draw on evidence based best practices which become key elements of our work together. Read more »


I help couples deepen and enrich their connection while also appreciating the individual differences each brings to the relationship. This often involves learning how to communicate and problem solve more effectively. Most come to repair and/or grow their partnership which may include recovering from infidelity. Some want help deciding if they want to stay together and a few want help separating. Read more »

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I specialize in working with complex trauma. Complex trauma is a term used to capture the lingering effects of repeated adverse childhood experiences. The cumulative effects of many hurts combined with the ongoing interruptions of the normal developmental process creates a complex mix of a dysregulated nervous system, emotional wounding, and life lessons that are tuned to survival in extreme circumstances which can then become problematic in later life. Read more »


Your struggle is part of your story.

How Therapy Works

Change involves helping you to undo the harmful results of faulty learning, emotional hurts, and misinformation that have generated ways of living that no longer serve you. The goal being to free you from the constraints of the problem(s) and the emotional history that generated it. As one of my clients put it regarding her ways of thinking and acting:

"I know I have new ways I need to learn and old ways I need to unlearn. What I am just realizing is that I have ways that need to change that I did not even know about."

This process requires a safe environment in which you can feel valued, respected, and your difficulties viewed simply as the result of the kinds of untoward experiences mentioned above. In such an environment, you will develop the safety to examine and change the assumptions, attitudes and motivations that place limits on the possibilities for your life.

I am guided by an integrative philosophy that draws on all the major schools of psychology. I provide options that include evidence based practices for depression, anxiety and trauma. I have specialized training in EMDR, LifeSpan Integration, Internal Family Systems, ACT, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. My counseling philosophy and approach is grounded in compassion, mutual respect and trust.

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The fit between you and your therapist is one of the most important elements in successful therapy. To get a sense of how we would work together, I offer a no fee, 30-minute, get acquainted session. Contact me or click on the Schedule button and choose a 30 minute event.

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Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
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Fees & Insurance:

My fee is $125 dollars per session, and I offer a sliding scale for those needing some help with the costs of therapy. Fees are paid at the end of the session. I'm currently in-network for: Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, First Choice Health, Group Health (certain plans), and Premera Blue Cross. I can also bill as Out of Network.